Since its opening, 75 years ago, IHL has continued to provide Egypt, Africa and the Arab World with qualified hydraulic engineers. IHL occupies a large area of 3,500 m². Besides its educational and research role, IHL plays other roles including its contributions in the consultancy and testing services related to the hydraulics of water systems.

Laboratory  Services:

1) Conducting onsite flow, velocity and turbulence measurements in open channels, rivers and drains;
2) Conducting onsite bathymetric survey across wide streams/rivers, lakes and coastal areas ;
3) Conducting pump performance acceptance test as per ISO 9906;
4) Conducting calibration of flow meters, pressure gauges and water valves;
5) Conducting hydraulic pressure tests of pipes;
6) Carrying out lab tests for determining the actual roughness of the pipeline;
7) Carrying out physical models for hydraulic structures, spillways and stilling basins;
8) In-house design and fabrication of fluid-mechanics demo experiments for civil engineering students;
9) Measuring water quality parameters;
10) Conducting hands on workshop training for the conventional and the new techniques in flow measurements in pipes and canals.

Previous work:

• Conducting onsite flow downstream of Ismailia Canal and across Nile River at Maadi Island via Acoustic Doppler Profiler (ADP);
• Conducting onsite pipe flow measurement for the irrigation network at Mubarak Academy for Security using ultrasonic flow meter;
• Conducting a large number of pump performance/acceptance tests for Calpeda, Saer and KSB;
• Calibration of flow meters;
• Conducting hydrostatic pressure tests of pipes for different companies;
• Carrying out a number of onsite field measurements training’s for TA’s and engineers from different universities and MWRI;
• Mapping of Groundwater levels near Sphinx;