In September 11, 1916, the Sultan’s Decree No. 23/1916 was issued to modify the Sultan’s Engineering School regulations to allow for five scholastic departments, the first of which was the “Department of Irrigation and Civil Engineering.” In May 10, 1926, another decree was issued to divide the course of study at the “Royal Engineering School, Almohandiskhana” into four departments, of which the first was the “Civil Engineering Department.” The fourth year students in Civil Engineering had to choose, at that time, one of the following major technical fields:

 Topography

 Railway Engineering

 Irrigation Engineering

 Marine Works

 Water Supply and Sanitary Works for Urban Regions

In September 10, 1938, Law No. 80 was issued stating the Faculty of Engineering Regulations. Under this law, four departments were established. The first of these four was the Civil Engineering Department which contained all the scientific fields of the Civil Engineering.

Since 1956, the Civil Engineering Department was divided into three separate departments as follows:

 Structural Engineering Department

 Irrigation and Hydraulics Department

 Public Works Department

However, this decision was only regarding Management and Administration. In the mean time, the undergraduate students joining the Civil Engineering Department graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.

The establishment of the new building of the irrigation and the hydraulics has started in 1950 to satisfy the teaching and research needs of this important branch. The new building included three main laboratories to serve the educational experiments in general, and the different researches in the field of irrigation and hydraulics.